KNOWLEDGE offers you a thorough and comprehensive English language course in which all levels, from beginners to advanced students are provided for. With in-depth guidance in grammar, conversation and writing. Individual and group training, from qualified professional native speaking teachers, each with many years of experience, will guide you through the complexities of the English language.


As well as Intensive courses, we can offer a wide range of both technical and business oriented courses. Plus standard and conversation English all from native English speakers.
These course can be on a weekly bases consisting of two teaching lessons pro week, or a more flexibly schedule built around the students personal needs. Altogether offering a rich and rewarding learning experience.
A competitive Price range between 30 to 38 Euro per teaching hour. If you are interested please contact us by or phone, we will be more then happy to answer any queries you may have.


Immersing fully into the culture

In a global completive market, it is important to seize every opportunity to gain an advantage. A comprehensive in-depth knowledge of English is taking on ever more importance. Assist the progress of your employees helping them gain the edge over your competitors. Our intensive training courses develop your employees potential in a way that can only be achieved by immersing fully into the culture!

Each course is built around and adapted to meet the requierments of the group or individual student aimed at improving in areas such as:

  • Business- and Standard-English
  • Grammar
  • Presentations
  • Negotiating
  • International Telephoning
  • Conversation

The Advantages

Residing in the same hotel as the teacher gives students access to the teacher outside study hours therefore not only learning English in the classroom, but the opportunity for all day conversation as well as networking with colleagues. This in turn Guarantees more effective progress, through both Active and Passive learning, which can only be achieved by spending time in a native speaking land. Naturally, all conversation will be held in English.
We are able to arrange lessons in many Towns and Cities throughout the UK. Naturally due to practicality if you prefer we can arrange lessons in a hotel in your region, or direct in your company or office. We will be happy to facilitate you.

Here are some of the many areas covered in are flexible made to fit courses to meet the needs of your company employees:

Business English

  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Quality Control
  • Finance Management
  • Legal Matters

Technical English

  • Information Technology
  • Research & Development
  • Logistics
  • Engineering
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical


Due to the flexibility of our concept in which lessons take place in the hotels conference facilities, i.e. meeting room, we are able to arrange lessons in many Towns and Cities throughout the UK.
Naturally due to practicality if you prefer we can arrange lessons in a hotel in your region, or direct in your company or office. We will be happy to facilitate you.


Southport (Bildquelle: http://www.dbsu.co.uk) Southport (Bildquelle: http://www.dbsu.co.uk)

A beautiful seaside resort town situated on the Northwest coast of England, rich in tradition and heritage. Yet fully equipped to meet the needs of a modern day business professial. Located in easy reach of two of Britain’s fastest and dynamic growing cities Manchester, one of Britain’s leading business and commerce centre and Liverpool, Capital of European culture 2008. Southport has easy accessibility being served by both Liverpool and Manchester airport. Altogether this makes Southport the perfect choice for learning and relaxing.
As an option, we can also offer a days relaxing on one of the regions world famous (open) golf courses.


Brighton (Bildquelle: http://www.freefoto.com) Brighton (Bildquelle: http://www.freefoto.com)

Brighton one of Britons most cosmopolitan and exciting towns, yet at the same time being quintessential a very very British town. Presents an ideal place to lean and experience our ´Total Emersion Courses´. Brighton is situated between the rolling southdowns hills and the sea, on the beautiful South coast of England. Within one hour by train to the centre of London, and thirty minuets from Gatwick airport. This makes Brighton an ideal place to learn practice and fully develop your use of the English Language.


In order to make sure that we can provide you with the correct learning materials for your requirements we ask you to take a free, with no obligation, placement test so as to know which one of the following categories you fall into:

A1–A2 Elementary to Beginners
B1–B2 Pre-intermediate to Intermediate
C1–C2 Advanced to Upper advanced

If you would like to take the placement test, please

Please note your details will remain strictly confidential and, not passed on to any third persons.


Our concept is to build the lesson around you, as opposed to the standard rigid structure of English lessons. Therefore developing the strengths and weakness of your English language requirements. Specialising in Business and Technical English. For all levels from beginners through to advanced.

Price per person and week
Single tuition

40 x 45 min

1.850,– €


30 x 45 min

1.450,– €


20 x 45 min

1.050,– €




Group for 2 persons

40 x 45 min

950,– €


30 x 45 min

750,– €


20 x 45 min

550,– €




Group from 3 to 5 persons

40 x 45 min

675,– €


30 x 45 min

525,– €


20 x 45 min

375,– €




Group from 6 to 8 persons

40 x 45 min

450,– €


30 x 45 min

350,– €


20 x 45 min

250,– €

Costs include:
- administration (meeting rooms & hotel bookings)
- meeting room
- books & photo copies
- free time social activities with teacher

Please note the hotel room costs are to be covered by the client.



KNOWLEDGE – Progress through practise
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